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What is Mid-Grade Weed?

What is Mid-Grade Weed

Last Updated: 02.13.2024

Mid-grade weed, often referred to as “reggie” by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, strikes a balance that appeals to both novice and cost-conscious cannabis users. Occupying the middle tier of the cannabis quality spectrum, it offers a compromise between the potency of top-shelf varieties and the affordability of lower-grade options.

In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the complexities of mid-grade marijuana, its characteristics, and its place within the evolving cannabis market.

What Is Mids Weed (or mid-grade weed)?

Mid-grade weed, also known as mids, is a type of marijuana that falls in between reggie and top-shelf varieties in terms of quality. It’s not as low-quality weed as reggie, and it’s not quite as potent as the better cultivars.

However, if you’re looking to take your marijuana experience up a notch from reggie but don’t want to break the bank on expensive top-shelf strains, then mids might be just the thing.

Most typically found in marijuana dispensaries or online distributors, mid-grade weed comes from superior seeds and gets more care during the growing process than other varieties do.

It can be difficult to tell whether or not a weed seed is good without taking some key factors into consideration, so it might be wise to get your supply from a reputable source to ensure you get a decent harvest for your money.

What Does Mid Weed Look Like?

What Does Mid Weed Look Like

Mids, or mid-grade weed, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This type of weed is a great option for budget smokers who are looking for a quality product without shelling out top dollar.

Mids look quite similar to luxury strains of weed but don’t quite reach the same level of potency and aroma. When compared to dank buds, mids tend to have less vibrant shades of green. However, they usually still come with some protruding hairs and full coverage of trichomes along with the resin.

Mids also typically do not contain stems and seeds like other types of marijuana, so they can hit smooth without an interruption in flavor. They typically possess a moderate density that smokes easily. However, you choose to do it—in blunts, joints, or even bongs.

For those looking to save money while still indulging in quality weed products, mids provide just that without falling short on flavor.

Mid Marijuana Taste And Aroma

Mid-grade marijuana usually has a much better aroma than reggie weed, with pleasant and enticing smells that intensify when you crush the buds. Different strains will have their own unique scent profiles, ranging from earthy or woody notes to fruity or sweet aromas.

The smell of mid-marijuana can range from subtle to pungent depending on the strain, but overall, it’s much more palatable than that of lower-grade strains. In addition to its pleasing aroma, mid-marijuana also has unique flavors associated with particular strains.

This can be anything from citrus undertones to herbal or nutty overtones, each contributing something special to produce an unforgettable tasting experience. All in all, mid-marijuana provides a great balance between taste and smell that is sure to satisfy even discerning connoisseurs!

Mid Weed Effects

Mid Weed Effects

A mid-grade weed high will hit after two or three puffs, starting off with a mild cerebral buzz. You’ll feel a sense of relaxation and general positivity that washes over your body and mind. Though these sensations don’t last very long, they are intense enough to have you feeling relaxed and content.

With this, hunger is also likely to set in. But the effect is not strong enough to cause heavy couch-lock, as can be caused by some of the more potent weed strains on the market.

Different people react differently to different levels of weed effects; while one person might be content with mid-grade weed, another may need something stronger. Nonetheless, a mid-grade strain is ideal for those seeking an enjoyable physical and mental high without the overwhelming feelings of drowsiness or heaviness on the body normally associated with stronger cannabis influences.

By choosing mid-grade marijuana for recreational consumption, you’ll receive all the targeted benefits without compromising other activities in life, such as work or social outings.

How To Tell The Difference Between Mid And Loud

Mids and loud weeds can be difficult to differentiate at first glance. While loud buds have a sticky texture, mids feel slightly lighter and airier in comparison. Looking more closely, you will also notice a difference in density. Loud buds tend to be quite dense and compact, while mids are often less concentrated.

The color of the weed can also help you identify which type of bud it is. Louds usually have shades of light green or yellowish hues, while mids tend to appear darker with more purple or blueish hints.

Aromatic differences between mids and louds can also act as a good indicator when trying to tell the two apart. Mids typically feature earthy and spicy tones, while highs are characterized by lighter citrus notes that can be accompanied by sweet undertones.

However, both types will contain pungent scents since terpenes give weed its distinct smell. Once you become familiar with these distinctions, it will become easier for you to recognize the difference between mid and loud strains.

Mid-grade Weed Bluntly

Mid-grade Weed Bluntly

Mid-grade weed is a great choice for those looking for high-quality weed at an affordable price. It offers all the features of a premium grade marijuana strain without the hefty price tag. Dense, dark green buds that are crystal coated in trichomes with a pleasant aroma make it ideal for those looking to share their stash with friends.

The effects mimic those of more premium strains, providing a powerful psychoactive high that will leave users feeling uplifted and energized. Perfect for adding spice to parties and social events, mid-grade weed is sure to please any crowd.

In addition to its fabulous sensory effects, mid-grade weed is also highly valued for its medicinal capabilities. Its balanced levels of CBD and THC provide an effective form of pain relief while also managing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

For anyone who wants to reap the benefits of marijuana without the intense highs associated with some more potent products, mid-grade weed remains the perfect option. With an array of different varieties available, cannabis lovers everywhere can find something suitable to meet their needs.

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Mids Are Guilt-Free

Mids Are Guilt-Free

For cannabis enthusiasts who may find themselves on a tighter budget, smoking mids is a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite herb without having to break the bank. Mids are typically much more affordable than other high-grade strains, and they have the added benefit of being strong enough that you can actually feel their effects yet not so strong that you’re risking overconsumption.

While “mids don’t get me high” is an attitude some hold onto quite proudly, it’s important to remember that higher tolerance actually means less sensitivity to the THC levels, which in turn means needing more of it for maximum effect.

Mids Are the Future

The end result is a marketplace where consumers can buy quality cannabis products at reasonable prices commensurate with their budgets. This allows access to people from all walks of life, from the occasional user to the more noted connoisseur.

The variety present in today’s market also provides a greater selection than ever before, which fosters experimentation with new strains and products. Ultimately, the presence of mids and the likelihood of them being an even larger part of the future highlights how far cannabis has come in recent years.


As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve, the distinctions between different grades of weed—ranging from low to high quality—become increasingly nuanced. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for consumers who seek to align their purchases with their preferences, needs, and budget constraints.

Mid-grade cannabis emerges as a pivotal category within this spectrum, offering a middle ground that delivers reasonable potency and a satisfactory terpene profile at an accessible price point. Its place in the market is a testament to the growing sophistication of cannabis cultivation and consumer knowledge.

While enthusiasts continue to celebrate the premium experience of top-shelf marijuana, mid-grade varieties have carved out a significant niche, signaling a shift towards a more inclusive cannabis culture where quality is democratized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between low and mid weed?

Low-grade weed, commonly referred to as “schwag,” typically possesses less potent effects due to lower concentrations of THC compared to mid-grade weed. Mid-grade weed, on the other hand, offers a more balanced THC profile, providing a satisfactory experience for both recreational and medicinal users without the intense potency found in top-shelf varieties.

What are the levels of quality of weed?

Cannabis quality is conventionally categorized into three main tiers: low-grade (or ‘schwag’), mid-grade, and high-grade (or ‘top-shelf’). In terms of potency, flavor, and aesthetic appeal, low-grade cannabis is often harsh and less flavorful, mid-grade offers a balanced mix of quality and value, and high-grade features rich aromas, robust flavors, and high levels of THC, representing the best available quality.

What does bad weed look like?

Bad cannabis can be recognized by several telltale signs that suggest poor quality. These may include a lack of distinct aroma or a harsh, unpleasant smell, a brown or overly dry appearance, and the presence of excessive seeds and stems, which can indicate improper cultivation and handling.

What does grade mean weed?

In the context of cannabis, “grade” refers to the classification of the plant’s quality based on a set of criteria, including potency, aroma, flavor, appearance, and the care taken during cultivation and processing. High-grade or premium weed boasts superior quality in all aspects, while mid-grade represents a balanced quality-to-cost ratio, and low-grade often signifies inexpensive, less potent options.

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