United Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Division

The easiest and most profitable program is the seeds industry. 

Federal legalization is soon coming to the United States. Many states have already legalized residential growing of marijuana. Signing up to make money in an industry that will reach $8 billion in the US alone seems like a fantastic idea doesn’t it? 

We carry over 500 strains making all strains of cannabis seeds available right to the customer’s doorstep. 

Don’t worry about payment processing, shipping, or customer satisfaction. We got you covered. 

How can I join the affiliate program? 

  1. Start by signing up here 
  2. Place the link everywhere you have an internet presence 
  3. Get paid everytime we receive a sale from you
  4. Monitor your account to see real time sales and traffic 
  5. Watch your balance increase

It’s as simple as that. 

Sign up link: https://united.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/


How much can I make from this program?

The possibilities are limitless. Combining the exponential growth of the cannabis industry with the growth of e-commerce sales. 

The base is 20% commissions on everything purchased by the customer. 

Let’s say you bring in 50 orders per month with an average order cart of 160$ (our average). 

That’s $1600 per month! 

Now imagine one of our affiliates currently doing 340 orders per month during the high season. 

That’ s $10.8k per month. No clients. No headaches. 

What makes United Cannabis Seeds’ Affiliate Division more profitable than the other ones?

We’ve worked on our customer journey to ensure the customer does not have any trouble getting to the finish line. 

  • We carry over 500 strains giving all the options possible to the consumer. 
  • It was created for growers, by growers. 
  • Competitive prices
  • Highest quality of seeds on the market
  • Outstanding Customer Service 

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