Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC LEVEL: 22%
  • CBD LEVEL: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 Weeks
  • FLAVOR: Berry, Citrus, Earthy
  • EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
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Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized Strain overview

Tropicana Cookies Purple hits the trifecta when it comes to appealing features. This strain is visually appealing, has unique flavors, and provides a consistent, potent high – it really doesn’t get any better than this. This hybrid comes from a long line of iconic strains, which includes the revered OG Kush and the delicious Granddaddy Purple.

The strain makes an excellent evening or weekend choice thanks to its relaxing and sedating properties. Tropicana Cookies Purple is not a strain to take when you have pending tasks or obligations. The hybrid has unique compounds that help alleviate a host of ailments, explaining why it is popular in the medical cannabis scene. 

Tropicana Cookies Purple is easy to cultivate and is quite forgiving of small mistakes, making it an ideal choice for novice cultivators. Its resilience and high-yielding nature make it a must-have for cannabis growers, especially commercial ones. Here is everything you need to know about the Tropicana Cookies Purple cannabis strain. 

What is the origin and genetic composition of the Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized strain?

The Tropicana Cookies Purple is the sibling of Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch. The strain inherits the rich flavors, high trichome production, and cerebral effects from its Tropicana Cookies heritage and the potent sedative effects and purple coloration from the Purple Punch parent. The slightly Indica dominant strain has moderately high THC levels ranging from 21% to 22% and CBD of less than 1%

Tropicana Cookies Purple seeds grow into short, sturdy, dense plants with striking colors attracting attention from afar. The buds are characterized by forest green fan leaves, light green sugar leaves, and fiery orange pistils. Purple shades can be spotted across the bud, which is covered in frosty resin. 

What are the effects of the Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized strain?

Although Tropicana Cookies Purple is Indica dominant, the effects tend to be balanced. This strain is the opposite of a creeper, so you can expect to feel the effects within the first few puffs. Initially, you will feel a sudden head rush that comes with heightened euphoria, elevated creativity, and boosted moods. The cerebral high is quite powerful and has been described as psychedelic, as it causes enhanced sensory perception time dilation.

The Indica effects set in a few minutes, causing head-to-toe relaxation. Tension, aches, and pain disappear, and peace and serenity become the new norm. As the effects peak, the limbs become weak, and laying on the couch becomes the best choice. Tropicana Cookies Purple will keep you couch-locked and sedated for hours until sleep takes over. 

Can the Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized strain be used medically?

Yes. Tropicana Cookies Purple is a celebrity in the medical cannabis scene. The strain is used as a pain reliever. It helps with mild to chronic pain resulting from multiple conditions, exercises, and injuries. This hybrid is a popular sleep aid that helps promote relaxation for a refreshing night of sleep. Patients prefer using it as a sleep-inducer since it does not cause the grogginess experienced by sleeping pills. Additionally, Tropicana Cookies Purple helps boost the appetite of patients undergoing harsh treatment and those with varying eating disorders.

What does the Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized strain smell and taste like?

This strain is a connoisseur’s favorite guilty pleasure. Tropicana Cookies Purple has an alluring blend of aromas that will have you anticipating a toke as soon as you break the buds apart. The strain emits prominent berry and citrus scents that blend perfectly with earthy and grape undertones.

Prepare your taste buds for a treat of a lifetime. This strain produces a smooth and gentle smoke that delivers a mouthwatering creamy and berry flavor that instantly awakens the taste buds. The sweet and sour hints in the background add to the appeal. Tropicana Cookies Purple has a subtle but noticeable lemon aftertaste. 

How to cultivate the Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized seeds

Tropicana Cookies Purple is an easy-to-cultivate strain that is resistant to mold, mildew, and common pests. The strain can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The plants thrive in a warm and temperate environment, so mimicking the conditions in an indoor setup promotes optimum growth. Although Tropicana Cookies Purple does well in soil and hydroponics, a soil medium is preferred as it enriches the strain’s flavor and aroma. Other tips include;

  • Pruning the plants frequently to facilitate optimum light penetration and unrestricted airflow
  • Practicing the SOG technique for increased yields
  • Maintain 45% to 55% humidity during the vegetative stage and 35% to 45% during the flowering phase
  • When using a soil medium, ensure PH levels range between 6 and 7. For hydroponics, the ideal PH is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Tropicana Cookies Purple flowers for 8 to 10 weeks and produce 400 to 500 grams per square meter. When grown in an open environment, the strain is ready for harvest by mid-October and produces up to 700 grams per plant.

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8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 Weeks






Mostly Indica


Indoor, Outdoor


300 to 500 grams


700 grams and up


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted


Berry, Citrus, Earthy, Grape

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Wayne Zoglmann
Grow quickly

These amazing seeds sprouted overnight and we're ready to plant within 48 hours. Tropicana Cookies are a feminized cannabis seed strain that has been bred to deliver an intense cerebral high. This strain is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful and cerebral experience. With THC levels of 250% and CBD levels of 1%, these seeds are sure to give you the Sativa high you're looking for.

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