Purple Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC LEVELS: 16%
  • CBD LEVELS: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Sativa
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • FLAVOR: Berry, Earthy, Spicy
  • EFFECTS: Creative, Energetic, Happy


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Purple Haze autoflower overview

If you are a veteran cannabis enthusiast, you will agree that there is no better way to go old-school than getting the Purple Haze cannabis strain. This auto version comprises all the qualities we love about the legendary purple Haze with added resilience and rapid finishing. Purple Haze Auto is a must-have strain for Sativa lovers looking for a strain to keep them going throughout the day. Besides the recreational aspect, Purple Haze contains medical benefits.

Purple Haze Auto is easy to cultivate, making it the perfect choice for novice growers. Its ability to thrive in different environments and its resistance to pathogens makes it a breeze to grow. Despite being an auto, this strain provides quite an impressive yield, making it ideal for commercial growers. Here is everything you need to know about the Purple Haze autoflower strain. 

What is the origin and genetic composition of the Purple Haze autoflower strain?

The Purple Haze autoflower was created by crossing the revered Purple Haze with the beautiful Purple auto strain. This resulted in a Sativa dominant strain with 16% THC and 0.5% CBD. Although Purple Haze auto has mid-range THC, the effects are quite potent. 

Purple Haze autoflower has distinct big buds with a heavy cover of trichomes. This strain also contains bright green leaves with indigo hues covered in orange pistils. The plant attains an optimal height of 60-100cm at maturity.

What are the effects of the Purple Haze autoflower strain?

The effects from Purple Haze autoflower kick in immediately – usually after the 1st or 2nd puff. After a few tokes, a head rush kicks in like a wrecking ball, inducing a cerebral rush that leaves you euphoric, positive, and happy. This feel-good feeling makes consumers quite chatty and interactive – even those that consider themselves introverts. Purple Haze auto will make you the center of attention. 

The effects move from the brain to the rest of the body, inducing an energizing high, which makes performing tasks easier and more fun. These effects make the strain ideal for morning use. As the Sativa effects wear out, mellow Indica-induced effects start to manifest, leaving you relaxed, calm, and tension-free. Purple Haze auto does not cause couch-lock, nor is it overwhelming for the consumer. This is an ideal morning or daytime strain. 

Can the Purple Haze autoflower strain be used medically?

Purple Haze autoflower is an excellent medical strain used to treat and manage many conditions. The strain helps with ocular pressure, nausea, appetite loss, and pain associated with migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and intense workout. 

What does the Purple Haze autoflower strain smell and taste like?

Like a charm, Purple Haze auto hooks you to it. As the plant blossoms, it lets out a strong, sweet, earthy aroma. When you break the buds open, they hit you with a strong whiff of tropical berries and mouthwatering blueberry scents. Upon combustion, you will likely get spicy and earthy notes, pushing you to try out this strain.

When you inhale the smooth smoke from this strain, your taste buds get an incredible fresh berry flavor. Upon exhale, your tongue remains with the tropical fruity flavor, making the strain one of the few that taste just like their smell.

How to cultivate Purple Haze autoflower seeds

Purple Haze autoflower cannabis is resistant to molds, diseases, and other pathogens. This strain thrives outdoors in warm and cool climates and can reach up to 100cm. This strain responds well to low-stress techniques for optimum yields. Check on temperature and humidity levels as the buds are susceptible to bud rot due to their massive size. 

Outdoor-grown Purple Haze autoflower cannabis yield an average of 250 grams/plant. Similarly, this strain is also a great choice to plant indoors and yields an average of 400 grams/m².

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8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 Weeks




All Season




Mostly Sativa


Indoor, Outdoor


300 to 500 grams


300 to 500 grams


Creative, Energetic, Happy


Berry, Earthy, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical

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Marsha Sparks

As always, great products and the shop is super set up! Please continue.

Brandt Jones
Outdoor growing

One of the best old school strains that?s been forgotten over the years. A good grow indoors but even better outdoors.

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