Lambs Bread Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC LEVELS: 21%
  • CBD LEVELS: 2%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Sativa
  • FLOWER TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • FLAVOR: Earthy, Citrus, Herbal
  • EFFECTS: Calming, Sedative, Relaxed

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Lambs Bread STRAIN Overview

Introducing a treasured cannabis strain from the land of reggae and the world’s 3rd largest Caribbean island – the Lamb’s Bread from Jamaica. This strain’s fame stemmed from the fact that it was Bob Marley’s go-to choice. According to him, Lamb’s bread has the ability to reveal one’s inner self to themselves. If it’s good enough for the king of Reggae, who are we to say otherwise? 

This Sativa strain is an excellent pick for a wake-and-bake session. It will keep you upbeat, happy, and motivated throughout the day. The Lamb’s Bread presents a challenge best suited for intermediate and experienced cultivators. Below is everything you need to know about this exotic strain.

What is the origin and genetic composition of the Lamb’s Bread strain?

The exact genetics of the Lamb’s Bread is unknown. However, the strain is believed to be a phenotype of the revered Jamaican landrace strain. This Sativa leaning strain (95%) has medium-high THC levels ranging from 16% to 21% and CBD around 2%. 

Thanks to its Sativa dominance, the Lamb’s Bread seeds grow into a gigantic, tall plant with a large internodal distance. The light green to forest green large buds take on a conical shape and resemble sheep’s wool. Fiery orange hairs can be spotted through the entire bud, which is covered by a thick, sticky crystalline layer of trichomes. The Lamb’s Bread buds do not break down easily, so you may need the help of a grinder or a pair of scissors. 

What are the effects of the Lamb’s Bread Strain?

This daytime strain provides a potent cerebral buzz that keeps consumers going through the day. One experiences a sudden energy increase and boosted moods within the first few puffs. This is accompanied by a creative spark, focus, and happiness. Do you remember that project you have been pushing aside for the longest time? The Lamb’s Bread provides the right state of mind and environment to complete it. 

This is the right strain to turn to when experiencing artist or writer’s block. The Lamb’s Bread will open your mind and allow you to see things from a new perspective. The strain also provides introspection that allows you to explore your inner self. 

Can the Fruity Lamb’s Bread strain be used medically?

Yes. The Lamb’s Bread has multiple medical applications. Medical cannabis consumers use the strain to combat fatigue and mood fluctuations. Its uplifting properties help with mental conditions, such as chronic stress, depression, and mild anxiety. Lamb’s Bread improves focus and concentration, making it a viable pick for individuals with ADD and ADHD. The munchies that Lamb’s Bread causes can help manage appetite-related issues, thus improving the quality of life of patients who find it hard to eat for different reasons (disorders, treatment, etc.). 

What does the Lamb’s Bread strain smell and taste like?

The prominent terpenes in Lamb’s Bread are Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Pinene. This blend produces a pungent, spicy, cheesy, and earthy aroma with gassy and hash undertones. The scent can be sensed as soon as the buds are broken down and become more pronounced as they are combusted. The Lamb’s Bread has an earthy, pine, and flowery flavor.

How to cultivate the Lamb’s Bread seeds?

The Lamb’s Bread seeds are best suited for growers with some cultivation experience. The strain prefers a warm climate and is moderately resistant to common abiotic and biotic factors. You can grow this strain indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. This aggressive grower grows very tall and may need training techniques to manage its height, especially for indoor growers. 

For best results, use a soil medium and try out training methods, such as ScrOG, topping, fimming, Supercropping, mainlining, and lollipoping. Lamb’s Bread flowers for 8 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and produces 300 to 500 grams/m². In an open environment, the strain is ready for harvest by early to mid-October and produces up to 700 grams per plant. 


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8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 Weeks


All Season




Mostly Sativa


Indoor, Outdoor


300 to 500 grams


700 grams and up


Calming, Relaxed, Sedative


Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet, Woody

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