Durban Poison Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC LEVELS: 25%
  • CBD CONTENT: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Sativa
  • FLOWERING TIME: 9-11 weeks
  • FLAVOR: Earthy, Pine
  • EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Tingly
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Durban Poison Autoflower Strain Overview

Are you looking for a pure landrace strain that takes you back to the old-school weed experiences? How about this auto version of the legendary African Landrace strain, Durban Poison? The Durban Poison autoflower is a resilient, fast-growing, and massive strain that delivers potent Sativa effects that keep you productive, happy, and motivated throughout the day. 

Although the name indicates a deadly strain, you have nothing to fear. Durban Poison’s only job is to turn the dullest moments into bright and optimistic ones. The strain’s aroma and flavor are distinctive, complementing the energetic high it induces. If you are a beginner cannabis grower, experiment with this hardy strain for optimal yields. Here is everything you need to know about Durban Poison autoflower. 

What is the origin and genetic composition of the Durban Poison Autoflower strain?

Durban Poison Auto was discovered in the 1970s in Durban, South Africa. Its remarkable characteristics make it one of the most popular strains on earth. To create the auto version, we crossed the original Durban Poison with a Ruderalis strain. This led to a fast-finishing variety with 15% to 25% of THC. CBD ranges between 0.1% and 0.7%. Sativa landrace strains are known to have high levels of THCV, a cannabinoid that is also referred to as diet weed. 

Durban Poison Auto grows tall, like other Sativa strains, reaching heights of 4.5 meters at maturity. Its buds are green and chunky and are covered in long orange pistils, making them visually appealing. The thick layer of trichomes makes this strain an ideal candidate for hash and edible making. 

What are the effects of the Durban Poison Autoflower strain?

The Durban Poison Auto is the perfect partner to start your day, thanks to its Sativa properties. After a few puffs of this weed, a cerebral and energizing head rush presents, leaving you chatty, more focused, and creative.

After about 15 minutes, the energizing effects spread to the rest of the body. At this point, you might feel extraordinarily motivated to perform tasks that you find boring. Talk of cleaning the house, folding clothes, or even washing the dishes.

The creative juices start to flow, allowing you to complete projects that require a fresh and creative perspective. This is an excellent wake-and-bake strain that you can use to replace your morning cup of coffee. The effects last between 4 to 6 hours.

Can the Durban Autoflower strain be used medically?

Yes. Durban Poison auto helps with pain resulting from injury, menstrual cramps, back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Its mood-boosting properties help to combat mental conditions, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations. Durban Poison auto helps to stimulate appetite, making it an excellent choice for patients undergoing harsh treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The improved focus that comes after consuming this strain helps patients suffering from attention-deficit conditions like ADD and ADHD

What does the Durban Poison Autoflower smell and taste like?

Durban Poison auto is one of the most pungent strains you will ever meet. Freshly cured buds have a strong skunky, and dank scent. Once you break them open, the scent intensifies, this time with a licorice undertone.

During combustion, the buds produce a smooth, creamy smoke with an overwhelming licorice and piney scent.

During inhalation, the smooth smoke leaves your taste buds with an anise-flavored taste. On the exhale, your tongue remains with a floral, herbal, fruity, and funky after-taste, which lasts for several hours.

How to cultivate Durban Poison Autoflower seeds

Durban Poison auto is a hardy strain and requires minimal attention to reach maturity. However, there are several factors that you should pay attention to.

First, you should avoid applying nitrogen-based fertilizers until the cotyledons fall off after germination. Second, keep the temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius to accelerate its growth.

Third, humidity should be kept at 65% during the vegetative stage and 30% during the flowering period to alleviate bud rot.

Fourth, you should harvest the buds when 70% of the white pistils start to turn orange. Delaying in harvesting results in the THC turning into CBN. On the other hand, harvesting early is compromising potency.

Indoor-grown Durban Poison Auto takes 9-11 weeks from germination to harvesting, producing 250-300 grams/m2. On the other hand, outdoor-grown Durban Poison auto yields 75 to 100 grams/plant.

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9 Weeks, 10 Weeks, 11 Weeks




All Season




Mostly Sativa


Indoor, Outdoor


100 to 300 grams


100 to 300 grams


Euphoric, Happy, Tingly


Earthy, Pine

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Frazier
THC 25%

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are becoming more popular as people learn about the benefits of this type of seed. Durban Poison is a 100% autoflowering strain that is easy to grow and produces high-quality marijuana. These seeds can be sown directly outside in early spring, and will reach maturity by late summer or early fall. The plants will produce large buds with a strong flavor and a THC content of up to 25%.

Katie Frech
Very Fast

Very fast growing Plants, yield was outstanding!!!

Jason Manning

Excellent quality of seed! These girls are 10’. The Harvest Moon is nearly here! I love growing marijuana..... outdoors!!! The Smokys

Paul Backo
Always On Point

I'm a huge fan of ordering from CGS. I've always had great experiences with their processing and shipping times, and the quality of their products has been top-notch. Their 10-10-10 deals are a great deal, and I've grabbed some great products on them over the past year or so.

Paul Backo
Always On Point

I'm a huge fan of ordering from CGS. I've always had great experiences with their processing and shipping times, and the quality of their products has been top-notch. Their 10-10-10 deals are a great deal, and I've grabbed some great products on them over the past year or so.

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