Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC Level: 23%
  • CBD Level: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • Flavor: Berry, Citrus, Earthy
  • EFFECTS: Calming, Euphoric, Happy
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Cement Shoes Feminized Strain overview

Cement Shoes feminized strain is one of the few strains with an imposing name and good reason. The Indica-dominant strain is a legendary genetic lineage combining the best American and Canadian hybrids to make this top-quality delight. To understand the Cement Shoes feminized strain, you would need to dig deeper into the Cannabis lineage of West Coast strains. The family tree includes a cannabis cocktail with epic parents carrying high THC and terpene levels for potent delights.

This strain is a delight to grow. It requires minimal attention and care, has a fast growth cycle, and produces above-average yields. Below is everything you need to know about the Cement Shoes feminized cannabis strain

What is the origin and the genetic composition of the Cement Shoes feminized strain?

The Cement Shoes is a hybrid feminized resulting from a cross between Animal Cookies, OG Kush Breath, and Wet Dream. The result was a predominantly Indica strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This rare strain has an above-average THC level of 23%. CBD levels are somewhat low, with the strain only showcasing a 1% CBD potential to make it more of a THC powerhouse.

Cement Shoes feminized seeds grow into short and bushy plants. The buds are massive, heavy, and dense, a factor that may be overwhelming to the branches at times. As a grower, you must ensure that the branches receive enough support throughout so you don’t lose some yield. The nugs are characterized by dark green leaves, rusty-orange hairs, and a thick layer of resin. Cement Shoes is an excellent pick for concentrate extractions. 

What are the effects of the Cement Shoes feminized strain?

The Cement Shoes feminized strain lives up to its moniker with leg-numbing and euphoric experiences within your body. Smoking a puff of the strain sets in motion an induced relaxation feeling. Chill-out vibes run through the entire body elevating the feeling of relaxation into a blanket of blissful serenity.

An uplifting euphoria swiftly sets in, culminating in cerebral stimulation to drift out of your mind with an out-of-body experience. This allows you to drop all mental baggage and experience the ideal state of meditation.

Can the Cement Shoes feminized strain be used medically?

Yes. The Cement Shoes feminized cannabis is a highly sought-after strain for its medicinal value. The strain is also helpful for its powerful mood modulation properties to relax the mind and suppress depression. Therapeutic use of the strain is also applicable for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties allowing those with body pains and injuries to heal quickly.

What does the Cement Shoes feminized strain smell and taste like?

Lighting up a joint of the strain sets you off with an aroma profile reminiscent of the earthy smell after rain. Part of the earthy aroma also features a berry-like scent with a tinge of bittersweetness.

The taste is also borderline West Coast uniqueness, with the strain leaving you with a distinct note of lemon aftertaste. An overwhelming citrusy spice is also present to add to the irresistible zest of the Cement Shoes feminized strain.

How to cultivate the Cement Shoes feminized strain

The Cement Shoes feminized strain is easy to grow, with the plant having a medium-sized statue of 4.5 feet tall or 150 cm. The strain is ideal for cultivators working with limited vertical space. Due to its bushy nature, growers must prune unhealthy and unnecessary leaves and branches to support optimum light penetration and unrestricted airflow. Humidity control should be a top priority since Cement Shoes buds are susceptible to bud rot due to their dense nature. 

This strain does well with training techniques, such as SOG, super cropping, and topping. The plants thrive in hot climates, so indoor growers would get impressive yields by replicating such conditions. The hybrid flowers for 8 to 10 weeks indoors and yield 500g/m2. Outdoor-grown Cement Shoes buds are ready for harvest by mid-October and yield 600 grams per plant.

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8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 Weeks






Mostly Indica


Indoor, Outdoor


300 to 500 grams


500 to 700 grams


Calming, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted


Berry, Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Sweet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Scott Voegele

Plants all look amazing. Started a little late, outdoors.

Tom Fleming
Always impresses

My favorite strain, it’s a bit rare tight, and beautiful, it always impresses. I have grown one test plant and will now fill my tent with CS for my next grow

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