Aurora Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC LEVELS: 20%
  • CBD LEVELS: 2%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • FLAVOR: Citrus, Earthy, Hashish
  • EFFECTS: Focused, Happy, Relaxed
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Aurora Indica Cannabis Seeds Feminized


Aurora Indica Cannabis Seeds originate from Afghan strains and the Northern Lights. The plant itself is short in height but its harvest is usually quite dense because of its exceptional germination rate. The best conditions for this plant to grow in a warm climate outdoors or a good indoor planting environment. 

Some of the best cannabis flowers out there are the ones that end up opening up to twice their size when ground up; if that’s what you’re looking for then Aurora Índica is the strain for you!

This indica dominant plant comes from an Afghan strain combined with a Northern Lights. This plant is quite short and flowers quickly, perfect for warm climates or indoor grows. This compact plant is quite discreet, although its intensely sweet flavor might give you away.



Growing Conditions

This plant is known to grow to its full potential in hot and warm climates. One of the best qualities about this plant is that it is very easy to grow and can grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions. If the plant grows in the hotter months, this plant can be ready to harvest in September in the Northern Hemisphere. Aurora Indica also adapts well to indoor growing conditions; however, a better harvest can be attained outdoors. 

The plant takes about 60 days to grow and mature. This is one of the things that attracts people to this plant because it has a pretty rapid flowering stage. However, waiting another week or two will give you an even better plant and dense leaves. Growing indoors will lead to the plant growing from one central stem. However, plenty of branches develop when the Aurora Indica grows outdoors. 

When it is fully developed, it reaches a height of about 60-70 centimeters if it is grown indoors. Plants that grow outdoors might reach a height of one meter as well. 

One thing that must be kept in mind is that in the later stages of development, the leaves of the plant may get very dense. This may lead to some leaves not getting exposure to sunlight or air. Therefore, you must make sure to remove denser leaves that block the other leaves. You can also trim the lower branches so that they do not come in between. 


Taste and effects


The famous Aurora Indica has a very strong sweet taste and in between, you can feel touches and hints of a pleasant fruity aroma. As far as its smell is concerned, it gives off a very strong earthy and herbal smell. The fact that it originates from Afghan seed strains is the reason why it has the natural aromas of different herbs and spices

With a THC level of 15% to 20%, this cannabis seed strain has quite a strong effect but it manipulates the user into believing that it has a mild effect. This is because consuming this cannabis seed strain helps you to go into a relaxing state of mind. You can feel that you are at peace and it helps you to rest and relax after having a tiring day. 

This plant can be consumed while sitting and chatting with friends as it helps you to go relaxed. It is recommended that this plant is consumed in the evening or after supper when you have no urgent work pending. This is because consuming it during the day will lead you to feel sleepy or dizzy

Since the plant helps the user to relax, it relieves any injury pain or regular physical pain. The lightening and calming effect is great for those who suffer from insomnia. This is why Aurora Indica might even help to put an individual to a good night’s sleep and is a great relief for stress


Bottom line


This plant is one of the favorites for beginner growers because of the convenience and eases it provides for indoor and outdoor growing. It is also one of the favorites for beginner consumers because of its relaxing and mild effect. It is a perfect seed if you want to consume it with a group of friends. With high intoxicating effects but minimal therapeutic effects, this plant has been gaining popularity since 1990. 


Additional information






8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 Weeks






Mostly Indica


Indoor, Outdoor


300 to 500 grams


500 to 700 grams


Focused, Happy, Relaxed


Citrus, Earthy, Hashish, Sweet

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joe Trost

Germinated 2 of these seeds, only took two days total for those tap roots to be sprouted and ready and we were off! Another day for the seedlings to burst through the soil. Happy with these so far.

Louis Powell

Great seeds awesome prices .

Keith Spiker

Taste is smooth and almost silky. High is a true indica buzz. Strong and pleasant

Anttwon Jemon

I am 2 weeks into flower and have bud sites everywhere. Plant has stayed short and lots of stems coming off the main.

Joe Arnold

Nice and mellow, piney kind of smell, super soft, won't wake up feeling like ya took a bunch of sleepers

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