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Fast Version marijuana seeds, sometimes referred to as Fast Flowering or Early Version, have a quicker flowering time, usually a week or two shorter than the original flowering strains. These plants come from a cross between feminized and auto-flowering plants. They are light-dependent and require a growth period of 18/6h light and dark.

We offer numerous fast-version seed strains, such as AK-47, Amnesia, Alien OG, etc. These strains are priced at $55-$65, with each pack having different quantities of seeds. If you are ready to grow your cannabis strains, try out United Seeds, one of the best online seed breeders across the country.


Why Select Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Are you wondering why you should choose fast version seeds when so many marijuana seeds are available? Let’s look at some of their advantages:


Quick Growth

Fast-flowering cannabis strains are desirable since they grow more quickly than strains with a different photoperiod. Although fast version seeds carry the Ruderalis genes of their auto-flowering parent, they require a 12/12 light schedule to begin blooming. They are the ideal choice for normal outdoor cultivators and guerrilla producers. 


Rapid Flowering Time

Compared to other cannabis seeds, including auto flower varieties, fast version seeds often take one to two weeks to begin the flowering process. Some types that flower the quickest only need six weeks to mature. 


Although fast-growing seeds may give you blooms faster, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing potency or large yields. The normal yields from a batch of fast-version ordinary seeds are as follows:

Indoors: Between 12 and 17 oz./m2

Outdoors: Between 14 and 21 ounces.


Remember that depending on their genetic makeup and how you grow plants, some fast-version cannabis strains may yield bigger or smaller harvests than those specified. Fortunately, most fast-flowering cannabis strains have terpene and THC levels comparable to those of their standard and feminized counterparts.


Other Advantages

  • Fungus, mold, and mildew are less likely with shorter flowering times.
  • Higher resin content is required to make hash, edibles, and oils.
  • Farmers in severe areas can shield their crops from dangerous weather conditions.
  • Simple to grow


Which Are Some Of The Best Fast-Version Strains?

Here are the top five strains that blossom the quickest:

Big Bud Fast Version 

Big Bud is named because of its vast yields and plump blossoms. These fast-growing seeds have genetics from an unidentified hybrid, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1. Big Bud is a well-balanced, primarily Indica strain that gives you a relaxed feeling. 

It has a THC content of up to 17% and a CBD content of less than 1%. Big Bud Fast Version seeds are perfect for amateur growers because they bloom in as short as six to eight weeks. You can expect to harvest your cannabis crops around September if you plant them in warm climates.

Bruce Banner Fast Version

This cannabis strain, named Bruce Banner, has a high Indica content. It has strong physical and mental effects, with THC contents up to 25 and 32 percent, which are uncommon. 

Bruce Banner Fast Version seeds flower between seven to eight weeks, producing 14 to 17 oz./m2 of buds indoors and a whopping 21 oz. per plant outdoors under optimal conditions.


AK-47 Fast Version

AK-47 Fast Version, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, flowers in seven weeks. It offers potent mind and body sensations created by its Indica pedigree. The THC content is medium-ranged, resulting in a moderate buzz that can progress to intense drowsiness and couch-lock if you consume high quantities. 

Although the AK-47 quick edition seeds are rather simple to develop, we advise planting them indoors instead of outdoors. High humidity and temperatures can cause this marijuana strain to grow poorly.


Which Are The Best Lights For Fast Version Seeds?

Cannabis plants require sunlight to survive. Weed plants can live on, develop into larger plants, and reproduce because of photosynthesis.

Fast flowering strains require the correct light schedule and appropriate lights to grow indoors because they are photoperiod plants. Choose LEDs if you want power and efficiency. In addition to giving outstanding results and saving money, these lights are an excellent option for beginners. 


Benefits of LED lighting:
  • While producing the same energy, they operate at lower temperatures than other lights. 
  • Reduced levels of heat lead to low water usage. 
  • Nutrient requirements are reduced while using less water.
  • It enables you to provide your weed plants with higher-intensity light rather than heat.
  • More energy efficiency


Where Can You Find Fast-Version Cannabis Seeds?

You might want to buy a pack of cannabis seeds now that you know more about them and their types. We advise you to opt for convenience, quality, and effectiveness, and shop at United Seeds.

From the comfort of your couch, you can easily browse the full selection of marijuana seeds available at United Seeds. When you’re ready to buy some fast version seeds, follow the on-screen instructions to place your order and process the payment. Our deliveries are safe and efficient; you will get your orders in due time with durable and airtight packaging.


How To Grow Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Fast Version strains are comparable to ordinary, feminized, and auto-flowering plants as they can be grown indoors and outdoors. In contrast to flowerpots, they can grow significantly larger when planted in the ground; the bigger the room they have for their roots to spread, the larger the plant.

When cultivated indoors, you can easily control the light they receive, allowing for an early flowering time. The yield these plants produce depends on their genes and how they are grown. They will grow as long as they get 18 hours of light daily. 

Fast strains are similar to other light-dependent strains in maintenance and growth. These strains are ready to harvest 1 to 2 weeks earlier than usual. Pay attention to our instructions for its use. 


What Is The Difference Between Fast And Auto Flowering Seeds?

A fast flowering seed will only bloom after receiving light, as it depends on it. As far as auto-flowering plants are concerned, they will begin to flower regardless of the amount of light they receive. Secondly, fast-flowering plants tend to produce higher yields than auto-flowering strains.

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