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What Are BOGO Weed Seeds?

The best cannabis strains in the US are available in the world’s most extensive inventory owned by United Seeds. The only distinction is in purchasing a bundle at a reduced cost. Instead of offering these cannabis seeds for sale or at a discount, you can find some distinctive offers. The most well-liked promotion is the buy 1 get 1 free offer

We double the value of the inexpensive marijuana seeds by matching the quantity. Why not look at one of our multiple-seed bags if you’re looking for a mixed variety? These bundles have a variety of strains in one package. It can be compared to a party pack with distinctive characteristics.

There are four different sizes of mixed packets that we offer under the section of cheap cannabis seeds.

5-seed pack
10-seed pack
15-seed pack
20-seed pack

We have affordable marijuana seeds for growers of all experience levels. You can get feminized, auto-flowering, standard, and fast flowering cannabis seeds, among other variations.

Why Should We Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds?

It would be great if you got affordable marijuana seeds for several reasons. Ordering through our BOGO section is a terrific place to start saving money. For half as much as it would typically cost you, you may purchase superior strains for every occasion.

Use your reserves to keep costs down or to buy growing equipment.

Cheap cannabis seeds are a fantastic way to experiment with various varieties. Try planting a complex seed strain or testing out their effects. If you're unsure where to begin, consider purchasing one of our mixed packs. Ordering inexpensive cannabis seeds also gives you the freedom to experiment with various strains.

How to Grow Cheap Cannabis Seeds?

Research the specific strain that attracts your attention before attempting to grow cheap marijuana seeds. Every available cultivar is raised with perfection at United Seeds, providing the best outcomes every time. It's also crucial to consider as to where you will cultivate your crops and the duration you can wait.

Below, we briefly discuss the two primary cultivation techniques for your low-cost weed seeds.

Growing Weed Seeds Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors is the way to go if you want to master the growth patterns of inexpensive cannabis seeds. In addition, indoor farming enables you to regulate the environment for your crops. You can grow all year round and adjust the ideal temperature for the most satisfactory results.

To maximize the utilization of your inexpensive weed seeds, indoor setups also let you employ cutting-edge methods. You can regulate the amount of nutrients your plants receive. Also, you can shorten the plant's lifecycle as a result.

Growing Weed Seeds Outdoors

For various reasons, novice growers frequently grow their inexpensive marijuana seeds outdoors. This approach is not only less expensive but also simpler to use. We advise starting your cannabis seed germination through the paper towel method. After the taproots develop, you can move the seeds to your garden and plant them in the soil.

Verify what kind of weather your cheap marijuana seeds require to thrive. You can then choose a strategy that will succeed where you live. Generally, Northern Hemisphere growers need to start planting their cannabis seedlings during April. The crops will have ample opportunity to engulf the sun's rays and grow large and robust over the summer.

Raising Cheap Marijuana Seeds

This is one of the most ordinary types of cannabis seeds that are available at any seed bank. Both male and female plants can emerge from this variety. Also, both seasoned cultivators and newcomers can benefit from them. These seeds are beneficial because skilled users can utilize the male plants to fertilize other strains of the same kind and produce future hybrids. Regular cannabis seeds can take some time to grow, but the rewards are high-yielding.

Growing Cheap Cannabis Feminized Seeds

For novice and seasoned growers, inexpensive cannabis seeds feminized are the most common selection. Their altered DNA guarantees no male plants will emerge, relieving you of a significant pruning process. This variety can take about seven months, from a seed to the harvesting process. It provides enormous yields. However, you can avoid some time by growing your feminized seeds indoors. All that you need to do is to change the light cycles.

Cultivating Cheap Auto-flower Seeds

Cheap auto-flower cannabis seeds allow seasoned marijuana growers to progress. The ruderalis genetics in this weed variant enable it to blossom in any light source.

The fact that you may start enjoying your buds after just three months is another benefit of growing this particular strain of marijuana. You shouldn't anticipate feminized seed harvests to be comparable in size, but you have the option to grow it numerous times in a year for enormous yields.

Beginners should stay away from inexpensive auto-flower cannabis seeds. Due to their brief lifespan, any mistakes you make won't allow them to recover, so you'll have to start over. To function at its best, it also requires an indoor setting.

Raising Cheap FAST Version Seeds

Cannabis cultivators with experience who prefer growing inexpensive seeds outdoors will like the strains offered in this selection. Like auto-flower seeds, fast version ones offer rapid growth, but they need light to begin flowering. They are the ideal choice for growers who want to plant them outdoors. Similar to the auto-flower variant, these inexpensive weed seeds don't yield a lot of green leaves.

Why Are Some Cannabis Seeds Inexpensive and Others Expensive?

Let's review the variables that affect how much marijuana seeds cost online. Why do these seeds cost less than others? Are these seeds any less superior as a result? In no way.
The attractiveness of a strain is a significant factor in determining how much cannabis seeds cost. The price will often increase as the strain becomes larger or more unusual. Every year, a few strains will become popular and win praise worldwide. Nothing is wrong with wanting to test them out first and help the seed suppliers, but budget-conscious farmers might have to wait.

After a few growing seasons, these marijuana seeds become significantly less expensive. Then, among inexpensive marijuana seeds, you can discover previously popular strains. Naturally, they don't get bad with time—their exceptional genetics remain deserving of praise; but this is the ideal opportunity to seize them.

The problem of producing seeds is another consideration. Simply put, some seed strains are less challenging to cultivate than others. The parent plants' source, for instance, or the seed bank's size and its infrastructure could be a reason. Most renowned strains have been farmed so frequently that seed banks can now utilize them as parent floras to produce new, fascinating kinds at a lower cost. Each seed supplier then chooses how much to charge for its product.

Some seed suppliers worldwide decide to cut their rates to draw in more farmers, and succeed. Since companies already generate significant profits by selling more goods at low prices, they have no reason to raise the pricing.

Where to Purchase Cheap Marijuana Seeds in The USA?

There are places in the US where you can look for inexpensive cannabis seeds for sale. Just keep in mind that you should be on the lookout for seed banks that promote low-quality goods. Order your marijuana seeds from United Seeds to prevent being let down.


Our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to benefit from marijuana's transformative powers. It makes no difference on your budget or how experienced you are. We ensure that you get affordable weed seeds.

Consequently, why pick United Seeds? Listed below are some ways we differ from others:

We offer hundreds of cannabis strains, each offering a distinctive flavor, smell, and effects.

Shop from the convenience of your home for the finest affordable marijuana seeds. While you're out and about, you can also place your order using your cell phone.

Use one of our contact options to contact us if you require help.

So, how about it? Will you vouch for inexpensive seeds or those on sale, or will you prefer high-pricing marijuana seeds for your plantation? The choice is yours!

Try out United Seeds, one of the best seed banks present in America. We offer over 500 seed strains, each with its own unique characteristics. Some types are feminized seeds, auto-flowering, CBD, high-THC, and more.

If you're keen to find out more, here's an article you can read about high-yield cannabis strains.

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