How To Automate The Process When Growing Cannabis

How To Automate The Process When Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis can be a wonderful experience and it has traditionally been a very manual process. Every new bud, leaf, or cannabis flower is an exciting milestone–but after the fiftieth time of switching off the light in your grow space, it can become quite repetitive. This is why automating a cannabis grow operation is an appealing prospect to many growers.

Automating your indoor grow operation allows you to take control of its functioning while preserving your energy and resources. By not having to constantly adjust lighting levels and other vital components, automation offers a degree of stability throughout the entire growth cycle.

Through automation, hydroponic grow cycle operations can save time and money by optimizing their water supply with automated dosing techniques, controlling temperature and atmosphere for maximum efficiency and growth potential, reducing labor costs associated with manually monitoring lights, feeds, and other equipment, as well as eliminating any mistakes that could occur due to human error.

How to Automate Your Cannabis Grow Room

Automating your cannabis grow room has become increasingly popular as the cost of the necessary equipment has dropped significantly in recent years. Having an automated grow can make life a lot easier for you as a grower, allowing you to get the most out of your plants and free up time that would be spent tending to them manually.

When it comes to automation, it’s important that you decide how much and what type of automation is best for your particular set-up. Factors like budget, available free time, the number of plants being grown and the environment (indoor vs outdoor) are all important considerations when deciding what to automate.

For example, on a tighter budget, consider investing in light timers and automatic watering and feeding systems which will regulate light hours for your plants as well as provide precise nutrient feeding and water schedules without having to do any manual labor.

However, if you have more flexibility in budgets and/or time availability, higher-end LED lights with automated spectrum and irradiance settings might be more beneficial for larger grows such as outdoor fields – providing precise control over lighting implementation while saving in overall energy costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Automate a Cannabis Grow Room?

The cost of automating a cannabis grow room can vary greatly, depending on how complex the setup is. For just a small grow tent, a timer and light system can be bought for as little as €10. This can prove to be quite beneficial for managing the plants’ light cycles without any manual intervention. The same applies for simple drip irrigation systems, which are also an affordable option for basic automation.

What Are the Benefits of Automation?

What Are the Benefits of Automation?

Automation has become an increasingly popular tool for growers in recent years, with many realizing the numerous benefits that come along with it. Automating a grow space eliminates the need for constant manual labor and monitoring, saving both time and money in the long run.

Not only does it save on labour costs and provide more efficiency in your operations, but it can also improve plant quality since variables such as light, temperature, humidity, and nutrient delivery composition can be managed more easily. In addition, automated systems are generally less prone to mistakes since they are designed to follow a plan created by you.

Furthermore, automation helps free up precious time that was previously devoted to intense hand-on supervision activities and allows growers to focus on other parts of their operations. The additional scalability of automated systems allows growers to increase production far beyond what could be achieved traditionally, allowing for larger harvests on less effort than ever before.

Ultimately, automation offers an amazing array of advantages for any grower looking to increase efficiency while improving the health and yield from their plants.

How to Automate Your Cannabis Grow Process

How to Automate Your Cannabis Grow Process

Setting up an automated cannabis grow tent is the best way to take your small-scale growing operation to the next level. Not only does it save you from the laborious task of manually setting up and maintaining your grow tent, but it can also help create a more efficient cannabis yield. Automation enables precise environmental control, allowing for optimal growth and improved yields in your quality cannabis supply.


Timers offer a great entry point into automating aspects of your grow. Analogue timers allow you to easily control any number of functions, such as lighting, watering, air exchange, and temperature. Whether you need to switch them off for a few hours or want something that will do it everyday at the same time, analogue timers provide an easy and economical solution.

Digital timers take automation one step further. Connected via wifi with your phone or other device, digital timers are perfect if you need more precise control over automation settings or want to showcase your smart home technology.

You can make frequent adjustments with the press of a button from wherever you are—no more checking in every day just to make sure things are running as they should be! With some environmental sensors connected in as well, you’ll have complete oversight over your grow—no matter where you are in the world at any given moment.

Lightning Control

When it comes to achieving optimal growth and yield from marijuana strains, light is essential. That’s why having some form of lighting control can be so helpful for home cultivators. With the right smart system, you can automate your grow room environmental conditions perfectly and with ease.

Unlike other variables that may need changing such as temperature or ventilation, the hours of light and darkness are very predictable when growing cannabis. The most common schedule is to give plants 18 hours of light in the vegetative stage and 6 hours of darkness.

Lighting control takes away the worry associated with needing to manually turn lights on and off every day at precise times—allowing growers to take advantage of their free time how they wish instead. Automating this process also means that there is no risk of forgetting to switch on your lights due to being too busy or away from home.

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Humidity Control

Ensuring your cannabis plants have the correct humidity levels is critical for a successful yield. A relative humidity of 60%-70% is best for optimum plant health, and there are several ways to control this in terms of automation.

For example, using expensive humidifiers and dehumidifiers will control the environment and make sure your plants receive the right amount of moisture level without you having to lift a finger. These devices come with sensors that detect any changes in the air quality and switch on/off automatically to maintain consistent humidity levels.

Airflow Control

Having the proper airflow control in a cannabis grow is essential for achieving maximum yields and keeping the plants healthy. An exhaust fan is needed to provide ventilation and remove stale air from the indoor space, which will help prevent mold growth, prevent bugs from entering, and regulate the temperature.

To bring fresh CO₂-rich air back into the space, an air pump can be used. The pump should be matched up with a timer so that it comes on at intervals throughout the day, providing steady refreshment of new CO₂-rich air into your grow space.

In addition to helping with plant health, having proper air circulation control can also improve air quality in enclosed spaces. Correctly controlling ventilation not only helps eliminate moisture buildup but also keeps odors under control. Keeping your plants and enclosed space well ventilated will promote optimal growth while also ensuring there are no unpleasant scents when you open up your grow room.

How to Automate Your Cannabis Grow Room

How to Automate Your Cannabis Grow Room

Automating your cannabis grow room can be essential for the success of a large-scale operation. Automation can save time and effort, help ensure consistency, and reduce errors. For instance, automated watering systems can measure humidity levels and deliver the right amount of water to each plant at the right time.

Automated lighting systems can precisely adjust light levels depending on the stage of growth your plants are in, while temperature control systems will maintain the ideal temperature at all times. Automations like these will improve efficiency significantly compared to manual processes.

Automated Irrigation

Automated irrigation is a modern automation technology that can help optimize crop production, save time, and effectively manage farm resources. Drip irrigation is the most basic form of this technology and essentially involves piercing small holes at intervals into a water hose and positioning them over the root network of each plant in the system.

This method provides a slow and constant flow of hydration over all plants in the system with minimal effort. Though the implementation is cost-effective, it cannot provide accurate measurements like more expensive systems.

Total Climate Control

Total climate control systems provide an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience for commercial growers. By allowing the grower to adjust lighting, irrigation, temperature, humidity, feeding, pH levels, and CO₂ concentrations with the push of a button or swipe of a screen, these systems create an extremely efficient system of environmental control.

By centralizing environmental optimization in one convenient location or device, commercial cultivators are able to quickly respond to changes in their environment and make necessary adjustments on-the-fly.

Is Automating Your Cannabis Grow Worth It?

When it comes to automating your cannabis grow, the answer really depends on the size and complexity of your setup. Simple elements such as setting up a basic timer for your lights or air pumps are generally well worth undertaking, as they can help you minimize hassle and save time in the long run.

For larger grows, automation might be more beneficial, as it can take care of menial and repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important aspects of growing. It’s best to figure out which elements are taking you the longest amount of time to manage so that you can focus on automating those first.

So while automation is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, it could turn out to be quite beneficial if implemented thoughtfully into your cannabis cultivation efforts.

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