Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

It’s convenient to purchase marijuana seeds in Colorado if you select the right brand that delivers on time. United Seeds is a company that can quickly provide you with high-quality cannabis seeds with durable packaging and timely deliveries. Our stock comprises different seed strains, each with its unique attributes and germination periods. Contact us today for delivery right at your doorstep.

Is it Legal to Use Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

Colorado is one of the known states in the US that allows unrestricted access to cannabis seeds, making it legal to use cannabis seeds across the state. Moreover, you can also grow and purchase seeds at your will. Within the state, home production is legal as long as the total number of plants does not exceed 6 and no more than half of them are mature and ready to harvest. Given that our marijuana seeds can yield up to a certain quantity of fresh flowers per plant, this limit can result in a remarkable all-natural yield.


Colorado also allows the consumption of cannabis in lodgings and hotels. It even conducts popular Marijuana tours, which take visitors and locals alike on a weed excursion to different locations, like glass-blowing studios, grow-ops dispensaries, and other destinations. 

Destinations for Seed Deliveries in Colorado 

United Seeds offer exceptional delivery services in different cities across the state of Colorado. Our experienced logistics personnel are adept at ensuring that our orders are shipped on time and reach the doorstep of our customers discreetly. 

Following are the leading cities across the state that we deliver in:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood
  • Westminster
  • Centennial

Why United Seeds?

With over 500 different seed strains on offer, United Seeds is one of the most diverse seed breeders in the United States. Our seeds are tested and analyzed before being sent to storage facilities. Their color combinations mark the quality; most seeds are a mixture of brown, black, and grey colors, reflecting premium quality with excellent growth potential. Moreover, the seeds have a wax-like coating that shows their toughness and resistance to rupture. 

These seeds are stored in medical-grade glass vials to keep their good shape and elongate their lifespan. The glass vials are made from hand-made plastic shells with colorful inserts. They are kept airtight so that the seed’s growth and germination capability are not affected.  

United Seeds is the place to reach out to in Colorado if you want to start growing your cannabis. Our premium cannabis seed strains come with an industry-leading 90 percent germination guarantee and a wide range of seed strains, including auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and high CBD medical strains.

Try out United Seeds today and enjoy the quality and process of germinating and growing cannabis plants at home. 

Cannabis Seed Strains

Seed strains are important to cannabis growth in homes, greenhouses, or outdoors. Each strain comes with different characteristics and properties. For instance, regular seeds offer both male and female versions in a single plant. On the other hand, feminized seeds are linked to only the female plant that grows to produce the desired flower or bud.

Some of the strains are listed as under:

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

This particular strain nurtures well indoors with a blend ratio of 50I/40S/10R and a THC content of 21%. It offers quick germination periods and grows into a healthy plant with a great aroma and taste. 


Candy Kush Autoflowering

Candy Kush Autoflowering is top-quality cannabis used especially for recreational purposes, such as vaping. Its imbibition period is quick, and the seed converts into a seedling in a short time. The blend ratio is 60I/30S/10R with a THC value of 18%. 


Blackberry Bubble

Boasting a THC content of 20% and a blend ratio of 80I/20S, Blackberry Bubble is great for evening plantation and growth. This strain is one of the best for plantations; it blossoms quickly and renders short dormancy periods.


Other seed strains include Sky Walker OG, Super Silver Haze, and OG Kush. 

What is the Cost of Cannabis Seeds?  

The type determines the cost of cannabis seeds that you purchase. On average, a bag of cannabis seeds costs around $40-$60. To have a great cannabis plantation experience, only purchase from renowned companies, like United Seeds. You will have no issue with legal regulations or any discrepancies whatsoever.

How To Know If You Are Getting High-Quality Marijuana Seeds?

After shortlisting your option to purchase cannabis seeds from, the next step is to figure out how to obtain high-quality marijuana seeds. If United Seeds is your choice, then all you need to do is either call or message us online, and our representatives will guide you further. 

In terms of the quality, there are a few things to look for when seed shopping if you want to double-check the quality of the product you’re purchasing. The most crucial feature is its genetics. Plants having the desired features and behavior should produce seeds. Also, buy from experts in their seed breeding process, commencing from harvesting, storage, and delivery. 

Flowering Time for Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

On average, the flowering period for a cannabis plant is 55-65 days. After that, you can increase your plant’s quantity or sell off the new seeds to other companies or individuals.

Key Takeaway

Buying cannabis seeds in Colorado is easy for plantation enthusiasts as there is no restriction to its selling or growth. To purchase a high-quality pack, contact United Seeds and enjoy planting in your own homes or backyards. United Seeds is among the best seed breeders in the US, with over 500 different seed strains available. It also provides valuable information on different aspects of cannabis seeds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. Which cannabis seeds should I buy or grow?

It is not much of a concern about which cannabis seeds you cultivate as long as it comes from a reputable seed bank. However, you might have some preferences. Are you looking for a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strain? Do you want a plant that is short or tall? Do you wish to expand quickly? Do you want to cultivate your plants indoors or outdoors? Do you wish to increase your productivity as much as possible? All these answers will help you decide which seed you should get. 


Q. How do you recognize the difference between male and female plants?

Male plants are frequently long and narrow, with fewer leaves. A male plant will have male flowers or seed ‘balls’ when it starts to flower, whereas a female plant would never have them.


Q. How do I germinate the seeds?

In a regulated atmosphere, germination occurs best between humid cotton. Up to 90% of the seeds will sprout if they are germinated in a petri dish with cotton and water and at the proper temperature. Try it out and grow your own cannabis plants.

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