Cannabis Seeds in California

Cannabis Seeds in California


High-quality, hand-picked, and quick germination rates are the core essentials on which United Seeds’ sell their product, i.e., cannabis seeds. We excel in efficient storage and delivery systems that function with experienced personnel. The storage is performed in an airtight glass vial, which keeps the seeds safe from spoilage. As far as delivery is concerned, it is time-oriented and well-managed.

We’ve got all your favorite strains, and if you are unsure which ones are perfect for you, we’ve added ample information about each seed strain on our website. You can learn all about them, and understand which one to buy.  

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in California?

Yes, cannabis seeds are legal to have in California. You may openly possess, cultivate, distribute, and transport up to one ounce of marijuana if you are 21 years old or older. There can be up to six marijuana plants grown from the best marijuana seeds in California if you shop from United Seeds, kept on the person’s property in addition to the one-ounce allowed in public space.

Destinations for Seed Deliveries in California

Our efficient delivery services make it possible to deliver cannabis seeds to different cities in California. Our logistics team is always time-oriented and has a history of receiving commendable customer feedback. 

Following are some of the cities where we regularly ship our orders: 

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Fremont
  • Oceanside
  • Ontario
  • Hayward
  • Orange
Why United Seeds?

With a collection of over 500 seed strains, United Seeds guarantees 90% germination rates with quick growth and short imbibition periods. Our cannabis seeds, once matured, provide a great taste and smell. In addition, they are used for a variety of purposes.  

Our seeds are cost-effective and packaged in airtight containers. A pack of cannabis seeds costs around $40-$60. To purchase one, navigate through our website and order. Our sales representative will contact you in quick time. Apart from that, you can learn all about cannabis seeds by going through the information posted on the website. 

We are committed to quality at United Seeds. We have a large selection of cannabis strains, including Auto-Flowering, and high-CBD varieties. Every seed’s genetics have been verified and sifted by human hands to ensure they’re viable. Enjoy your plantation and see the buds convert into your desired green plants.

Cannabis Seed Strains

With over 500 strains available for sale, United Seeds offer a distinctive sales approach compared to its competitors. With high germination rates and quick growth, the seeds are separated based on their quality, color variations, and toughness. They are also resistant to mold growth. 

 Some of the strains are listed as under:


Afghan Auto-Flowering

With a blend ratio of 90I/10R and a THC content of 18%, this strain offers significant psychoactive effects and is excellent for recreational use. You can use it in the evenings.

Cheese Auto-Flowering

This seed strain offers a quick growth period. Moreover, the imbibition period is also short. The blend ratio is 50I/30S with a THC value of 10%.  

AK Auto-Flowering

With a blend ratio of 40I/50S/10R and a THC content of 19%, Power Plant is great for daytime plantation. One of the best strains available in California, it blossoms quickly and renders short dormancy periods.


Other seed strains include Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, and Amnesia 

What Are the Restrictions Associated with Growing Marijuana? 

One of the limits imposed by Californian law is the age of the person who decides to produce marijuana, with the minimum age being 21. In addition, a person is not allowed to grow more than six marijuana plants at a time. Individuals must cultivate the plant indoors, on their private property, and grow it in a spot that is not publicly visible.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online In California? 

Order high-quality cannabis seeds and have them delivered to your home by ordering online. If you’re having trouble ordering, talk to one of our representatives, and they’ll help you with a possible alternative. You’re only a few mouse clicks away from getting your cannabis seeds. Try us out and engage in a great plantation experience at home. 

Selling Online

We provide our orders in different cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, California City, Fresno, Bakersfield, Oakland, and many more. Our discreet packaging and logistics offer an excellent experience for our customers, most of which are repeat customers at United Seeds. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds, look no further than United Seeds. You can place your order online, or if you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to one of our representatives, who would be happy to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. Which strain has the highest level of CBD? 

  1. All strains in the Medical Marijuana category contain more than 1% CBD. The most incredible CBD levels of 8% are seen in Dutch Passion’s Compassion and CBD Crew’s CBD Medihaze.


Q. Are all seeds suitable for indoor and outdoor plantations?

  1. Yes, as long as the average temperature is sufficiently high. Unfortunately, temperatures across the country are often not as warm. As a result, not all marijuana strains are suited for growing outdoors. However, you can grow the following strains:
  • All Autoflowers
  • The Church
  • Hollands Hope
  • Northern Lights 


Q. Which marijuana seed is the smallest?

  1. Marijuana plants that autoflower stay smaller than regular marijuana plants. Lowryder #2 is the tiniest of the auto-flowering strains. Its standard height is between 35 and 50cm (depending on how much sunlight it receives). As a result, this autoflower is ideal for compact gardens and balconies.


Q. Is it allowed to grow cannabis anywhere?

  1. This primarily depends on the state laws, but if you reside in California, you can freely grow your cannabis seeds, with up to six plants on the property.
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